20kg MasterSeal M866 Part A Traffic Deck Waterproofing

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21.00 KGS

MasterSeal M 866 - A tough elastic two component polyurethane membrane

Formerly Mastertop Membrane 23


MasterSeal M 866 is a two component solvent free polyurethane coating suitable for use in traffic coating systems to provide crack bridging and waterproofing capability. For Technical Data Sheet click here.

When used in car park decking systems it will bridge dynamic cracks.

Where is MasterSeal M 866 applied?

MasterSeal M 866 is used primarily as a durable elastic membrane in polyurethane coating systems for car parks.

What are the advantages of MasterSeal M 866?

  • Tough 
  • Elastic 
  • Aggregate scatter does not sink through the wet coat