42mm Super Roof Panel

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Allow 3 weeks for delivery dependant on volume requested.
10.50 KGS

42mm Super Roof Panel

Super Roof panels are designed to be a complete roofing solution - structural roof sheet, insulation, water proofing, water harvesting and power generation. The layers of the system are shown in the table below:

Description Value
Outer Skin Layer 0.5mm Chromadek (White)
Insulation Layer BASF closed cell polyurethane foam (45 density)
Waterproofing Layer BASF 1.2mm TPE synthetic membrane
Solar module adhesive BASF PeciTape butyl adhesive
Solar (Photovoltaic) module SoloPower CIGS thin-film module
Solar performance 70Wp / square meter
Water Harvesting coverage 2.88 square meters
Weight (Dead Load) 3.65 kg / square meter

 *** Please note, roof panel, waterproofing layer and solar module are supplied separately and are not pre-assembled unless specifically requested. The reason for this is to allow the installer to trim, move or re-orientate the components to best suite the roof design.***

General Q & A

  1. What purlin spacing should be used? Generally, we recommend 1.2m purlin spacing, but final design should be done by a qualified professional for your specific application.
  2. How are the panels mounted to the purlins or old roof? Panels are mounted with Tea screws or similar mounting hardware to the purlins or substrate - please consult your professional to advise on specific applications. 
  3. Does the entire roof area need to have solar? No. General roofing panels and waterproofing membrane can be ordered for the roof areas not requiring solar. Order these in the CSIP section. Remember to order the same thickness panels as the type selected for the solar area of the roof.
  4. Are there accessories available for the waterproofing membrane to allow for edging, guttering and other applications? Yes, BASF has all common accessories required to meet any roofing design with TPE.
  5. What is the smallest system size available? The system size is only limited by the roof area required and or the  power inverter system used to convert the DC power to AC power. Normally, the smallest inverter sizes available are around 2kWp. In this instance 10 panels would supply 2kWp of solar and cover 28.8 square meters. Please consult your solar specialist or contact us if you need assistance with system design?
  6. How do I know what thickness of the panel to use to give me the right insulation for my region? The insulation level (R Value) required by SANS 10400 XA for roofing in your region can be found here. You may need to have an architect assist with actual final requirements as the roof design may have other insulation components factored in (cavity, ceilings, etc…).
  7. What is the warranty on the system? If a system is correctly specified and installed, a 20 year total roof warranty can be issued - separate from the 25 year power warranty on the solar modules. 
  8. Are specialised contractors required to install Super Roof? Although the panels can be installed by solar or roofing contractors, we advise to use a BASF approved applicator in order to secure warranty.


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