75mm CSIP (Machined)

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Machining time may vary, please enquire to ensure delivery is within your projects timeframe.
9.10 KGS

75mm Machined CSIP

Cladding for architectural detail or signage can be specially made with CSIP panels to create visually appealing structures. A 75mm Polyurethane foam panel can be machined with 3-Axis milling systems. The cost shown is for a standard 4 hour milling procedure where custom 3D files are sent to us. Upon receipt of the artwork or 3D profile, we will advise whether the cutting time is sufficient or if more time is required. Once machined, panels can be attached to the structure and coated with various BASF products. For a tough exterior BASF Polyurea can be used. For a medium toughness coating BASF Master Protect 300 elastomeric coating can be used and then painted with standard PVA.

Guidelines for Machining:

  • 3D CAD file types accepted are IGES, STP, Solidworks
  • Signage file types accepted are DWG, DXF
  • Surface area for machining is 1,179mm X 2,400mm. Maximum depth is 70mm (holes are cut on site).
  • Rear of the panel is 0.5mm Chromadek
  • Where multiple panels are used to make the final design, please supply full design and brief