Super Roof

Super Roof

Super Roof is a modular all-in-one roofing solution combing the best technologies from BASF and thin-film PV technology. Target markets is predominantly commercial and industrial property but can be used for residential homes as well. Instead of your roof being a barrier to the environment, let it be the interface with the environment. Super Roof is:



How it Works?

Super Roof can be applied directly onto existing roofs or be used as a new roof. Performance of Super Roof is location dependant - based on South Africa's climate zones which are closely linked to the irradiance potential of the specific area. The images below show the irradiance and climate maps for reference. 

irradiance-label.png cimate-zone-label.png

The table below shows a general insulation thickness required and climate information for specific climate zones. Always check with your architect if unsure.

Climate Zone Direction of Heat Flow Minimum R Value Insulation Thickness Irradiance Average Rainfall
1 Up 3.7 (m2/K/W) 85 mm 5.6~5.7 kW/m2 200 ~ 800 mm
2 Up 3.2 (m2/K/W) 70 mm 5.3~5.6 kW/m2 200 ~ 600 mm
3 Down & Up 2.7 (m2/K/W) 60 mm 5.1~5.7 kW/m2 400 ~ 800 mm
4 Up 3.7 (m2/K/W) 85 mm 4.8~5.6 kW/m2 200 ~ 600 mm
5 Down 2.7 (m2/K/W) 60 mm 4.4~4.7 kW/m2 800 ~ 1,000 mm
6 Up 3.5 (m2/K/W) 80 mm 5.8~6.0 kW/m2 0 ~ 400 mm