Solar Hybrid System 1

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230.00 KGS

3kWp Solar PLUS 5kW Hybrid Inverter System

Looking for a home or office hybrid solar system - this could work for you. The kit includes:

  • 8 X 375Wp Mission Solar PV modules (From USA)
  • 1 X Steca Hybrid inverter From Germany)
  • 1 X 100Ah (4.8kWh) LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery
  • 1 X Rack mount cabinet (with space for additional 100Ah battery)
  • Battery cables

This kit does not include installation. Additional equipment to install the system may include the following:

  • PV cables and trunking to connect the modules to the inverter (we provide instructions fo this)
  • Mounting hardware for the PV modules (must be determined by roof type and requirements)
  • Change-over switch if required (Inverter can also start generator if required)

What are the advantages of the system?

The inverter offers different operating modes. It can be used in a grid-connected setup or off-grid. If used in grid-connected mode, the batteries can e charged via solar power when irradiation is sufficient (daytime) and by grid connection otherwise. Once batteries are charged, any additional solar energy will supply electrical loads. If the grid power is interrupted,  power form the battery will feed connected loads.

*** We do not recommend connecting high power loads (geyser/stove/oven) as it will deplete the battery quickly.***

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