Steca Solarix PLI Inverter/Charger

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12.00 KGS

Steca Solarix PLI 5kW Inverter / Charger 

Sometimes referred to as a hybrid inverter, this unit is able to connect to multiple input powers and supply continuous power to loads via batteries (sold separately). The Solarix unit connects to the following equipment to create a backup power solution:

  • Grid connection (power in)
  • Solar PV connection (power in)
  • Generator connection (provides contact terminal)
  • Battery connection (power in)
  • Load Connection (power out)

Main Features

  • Inverter/Charger
  • Integrated MPPT solar charge controller
  • For off-grid or UPS systems with PV and/or genset
System Voltage 48 V
Continuous Power 5kW / 5kVA
Power 5 sec. 10kW / 10kVA
Max. Efficiency Sinewave > 93%
Max. Efficiency Charge Controller > 98%
Own Consumption (Standby) 15W / <50W
Input Voltage 90VAC … 280VAC
Input Frequency 40 … 65 Hz, 50 / 60 Hz (Automatic)
Max. Current on transfer system 40A
Transfer Time (UPS mode) 10 ms
Output Voltage 230VAC (±5%)
Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Battery Voltage  38.4 ~ 66 V
 Max. Charge Current of PV  80A
 Max. Charge Current of AC  60A
 End of Charge Voltage  54.0V
 Boost Charge Voltage  56.4V
 Equalisation Charge  60.0V
 Set Battery Type  liquid
 Min. MPP Voltage  60V
 Max. MPP Voltage  115V
 Min. Open Circuit Voltage   72V
 Max. Open Circuit Voltage  145V
 Max. Module Current  80A
 Nominal Charge Power  4800W
 Own Consumption Controller  < 2W
 Operating Conditions  0˚C ~ +55˚C
 Degree of Protection  IP21
 Dimensions  298 X 469 X 130
 Weight  11.5 kg